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A car that helps you spend your time off well!


The car we share

Sedan Samen Slim Rijden The General
Professor Cobbenhagenlaan 9, 5037 DA Tilburg

Type: Hatchback

4 doors, 5 seats

Range: 235KM

Transmission: Automatic

Please note: no pets, no smoking

How it works: three easy steps

1. You can register on this website and select the subscription plan that you prefer.After this, you receive the contract directly per email.

2. Within one (work) day you receive an activation link for the app. Download the OnzeAuto app in the Google Play or App-store.Click on the activation link and create an account. Now you can submit bookings and open and close the car with your smartphone. 
3. The costs of car-sharing are automatically settled afterward by the use of a monthly collection.




What are the participation requirements?

Anyone with a valid driver's license can participate unless you are excluded by an insurer. There is no age limit for car-sharing.

How does an electric car drive compared to a gasoline or diesel car?

Most people are quickly used to driving an electric car. It is very quiet and comfortable. The cars also get a better operating range (200-400 km) and the number of electric cars is increasing rapidly.

How do I know where I can charge the car?

Useful apps are developed for this, for example on the New motion and Chargemap app you can see exactly where a charging point is located and whether it is available.

What happens if I do not return on time and the car has already been reserved by another user?

The system schedules half an hour extra between 2 reservations. If the delay is longer, the help desk can rebook the next user to another free car.

How good is the availability of the shared cars?

With 2 shared cars, at least one car is usually available.

if usage increases within your community, we will place an extra car.

Can you go abroad with the electric shared car?

You are allowed to go abroad with the electric shared car. The car is insured and the charging card works at most charging stations. It is important to well prepare your trip since there are fewer charging stations abroad than inside the Netherlands. Use e.g. the charge map app to plan your journey. Please note: if the charging card of VandeBron or Ecotab is not working at a charging point you can use PayPal or your Creditcard and admit the costs at OnzeAuto in the app. We only refund if the prices are comparable with charging prices per kWh in the Netherlands. Make sure that you are not using the 'pay per minute' charging stations. Please know the range of your car, the range in the winter is different than in the summer. Variables such as speed and heating have a big impact on the actual range. Check the details of your car on ev-database.nl. We strongly advise finding a charging station ASAP when the power percentage drops below 20%.

Is there an age limit for participation?

Anyone with a valid driver's license can participate unless you are excluded by an insurer. There is no age limit for car-sharing.


What is the own risk in case of damage?

As a participant you have an own risk fee of € 500.00 per event.

How does the payment works?

Every user issues an authorization for automatic settling of subscription fees, hours driven and kilometers. You always receive a clear invoice by the end of each month.

Who pays the charging costs?

The costs are all-in with the charging card which you can find in the car you can easily charge the car.

which subscription suits me the best?

If there is 1 person in the household who occasionally starts using the car then a basic subscription is fine. If 2,000 to 5,000 km per year is driven within a household, then a higher subscription is useful, especially if there are more roommates because they can participate in the same subscription. A plus subscription is very suitable for households who want to drive up to 7500 km per year. The top subscription is for high intensive users.

Which time is calculated during the reservation?

The reserved time will be charged. This time could get extended when you use the car longer.


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